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DVSS MAY 2023 (MARRIAGE STATISTICS RIZAL INDICATORS) This report summarizes the administrative data gathered from May 2023 documents submitted by the local civil registry offices of the thirteen municipalities and a city in the province of Rizal. The province generated the following statistics: Six hundred and ninety five (970) for marriage. This represents 16.52 increase from the 695 registered vital events from the previous month. MARRIAGE STATISTICS Marriage is a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal and family life  As the table shows, month of March had 938 timely registered marriages compared to 671 of the previous month with a recorded decrease of 16.6 percent in registration. The city/municipality with the highest number of timely registered marriages was recorded in the City of Antipolo with 419 registered documents, followed by Taytay with 98 and Montalban with 69 registered marriages. (See table B.) The City of Antipolo having the highest registered marriages in the province of Rizal, documented Catholic marriages as the most officiated with one hundred forty eight (148) instances, as well as in Civil Ceremonies with one hundred ninety nine (199) instances and in other religious rites with seventy two (72) recorded events. There was five (5) recorded widow on bride’s civil status and ten (10) widowers on the grooms. Province-wide, civil ceremonies initiated by the local chief executives in coordination with the municipal civil registrars including those solemnized by judges, recorded the highest number of registrations with 448 (47.76%).  Ceremonies officiated by other religious sectors recorded 268 events or 23.67 percent.  Roman Catholic ceremonies recorded 222 events or 28.57 percent. (refer to Figure II)