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DVSS APRIL 2023 (DEATH STATISTICS RIZAL INDICATORS) This report summarizes the administrative data gathered from April 2023 documents submitted by the local civil registry offices of the thirteen municipalities and a city in the province of Rizal. The province generated the following statistics: One Thousand and One Hundred Ninety Seven (1,197) for death. This represents 7.46% decrease from the 1,390 registered vital events from the previous month. The province generated 1,184 timely registered deaths for the month of April 2023. Antipolo City was on the top with three hundred two (302) deaths, followed by Binangonan and with One hundred fifty eight (158) deaths and Montalban with one hundred forty six (146). Municipality of Teresa has the least number of deaths with fifteen (15). Records showed that there were 31 timely infant deaths in total. City of Antipolo and Montalban with eight (8) infant deaths each. Meanwhile, Baras, Cardona, Jalajala, Pililla, Tanay and Teresa have no registered documents on infant deaths. The modal age group for the number of timely registered deaths was at 70 to 74 years old with 145 occurrences in April 2023. Seven hundred seven or 59.71 percent of the registered deaths in the province died in their homes, whereas about 462 or 39.02 percent passed away in hospitals and 15 or 1.27 percent were deceased in places other than those mentioned above. Thirty-nine point twenty seven percent has been medically attended by the physicians, public health officer and in hospital before they pass away. Based on the graph, the highest number of deaths for Male was at age 65 to 69 years old tying with 86 total deaths. On the other hand; at the highest number of deaths for Female was on an age of 75 to 79 years old tying also with a total of 63 deaths (See Figure IV). For the month of April 2023, male had the highest number of registered deaths compared to the number of deaths of the female. With regard to corpse disposal, 84.38% of death went through burial, 15.62% were cremated.