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This special release presents statistical data on marriages occurring for the month of October 2023 in the Province of Cavite. This publication shows the disaggregated data of registered marriages by registration status down to city/municipal level. It also presents the total registered marriages by nationality of bride and groom. The civil registry documents transmitted by the Local Civil Registry Offices (LCROs) to Cavite Provincial Office for machine processing served as the source of data in preparation of this publication.

Marriages in Cavite

A total of 1,032 marriages were registered in the Province of Cavite for the month of October 2023. Figure 1 shows that Silang recorded the highest registered marriages at 144, followed by City of Bacoor and Tagaytay City with 126 and 115 weddings, respectively. The least registered marriages was recorded in General Emilio Aguinaldo with only two (2), followed by Rosario with seven (7) weddings.

Moreover, timely registered marriages accounted for 1,023 or 99.1 percent while late registered marriages accounted for 9 or 0.9 percent. Silang also registered the highest number of timely registered marriages in the province. Out of 23 cities/municipalities in the province, four cities and twelve municipalities had all of their recorded marriages timely registered.

Figure 2 shows that 995 or 96.4 percent of the 1,032 grooms in October 2023 were Filipino citizens. Foreign citizens recorded 37 or 3.6 percent of the grooms in Cavite. The highest number of foreign citizens came from United States of America with 11 grooms, followed from Australia and Japan with two (2) grooms each, and from China with one (1) groom.

On the other hand, Figure 3 shows that in October 2023, 1,027 or 99.5 percent of the 1,032 brides were Filipino citizens, while foreign citizens totaled to five (5) or 0.5 percent of the brides in Cavite. Of the 5 foreign citizens, one (1) bride came from United States of America and one (1) bride came from Japan.


The Province of Cavite recorded a total of 1,032 marriages for the month of October 2023. Silang had the highest registered marriages of 144 and with the most number of timely registered marriages. General Emilio Aguinaldo had the least with two (2) marriages. Majority of the registered marriages were timely registered. The total late registered marriages were only nine (9). No late registered marriages were reported in 4 cities and 12 municipalities in the province. Most of the grooms and brides are Filipino citizens. Grooms and brides with foreign citizenship reached 33 and 5, respectively.


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