Vital Statistics Report

Special Release on Vital Statistics Report: First Quarter 2023 Death in Laguna (Preliminary Results)

There were 5,027 reported death incidences in Laguna from January to March 2023 resulted of 0.1 percent increase from first quarter of 2022. Calamba City has still the highest number of deaths with 753. On the other hand, municipality of Rizal has the least number of deaths with only 18 deaths recorded.

Figure 1. Number of Registered Deaths by Month, Laguna: First Quarter 2023

Special Release on Vital Statistics Report: March 2023 Deaths in Laguna (Preliminary Results)

The number of deaths for the month of March 2023 reached a total of 1,687. This shows an increase by 7.0 percent from 1,576 deaths in March 2022. There was a daily average occurrence of 54 deaths or about 2 persons died per hour during this period.  More male deaths (948 or 56.2 percent) than female deaths (739 or 43.8 percent) during this period, resulting in a sex ratio of death of 128 males for every 100 females.     


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