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Release Date: May 29, 2023
Reference Number: 2023-108

Live births…

  • A total of 4,190 live births were registered in the province in March 2023. It recorded an increase of 15.6 percent from the February 2023 figure of 3,626.
  • Of the total births registered, 50.8 percent were males and 49.2 percent were females. This resulted to a birth sex ratio of 103 males for every 100 females.
  • The daily average of birth occurrences during the month was 135,  higher than the recorded daily average of 130 in February 2023.
  • Lucena City recorded the highest number of live births with a total of 974 or  23.2 percent of the total births registered in the province. It was followed by San Francisco and Lopez with 328 or 7.8 percent and 319 or 7.6 percent, respectively. Candelaria and  Gumaca  came next with 288 or 6.9 percent and 211 or 5.0 percent, respectively.
  • The top five (5) municipalities with the least number of registered births were Agdangan with nine (9) or 0.22 percent, Perez with seven (7) or 0.17 percent, Pitogo with five (5) or 0.12 percent, Quezon with four (4) or 0.10 percent and Plaridel with one (1) or 0.02 percent.

Attendant at Birth...

  • The 2,823 (67.4%) birth deliveries were attended to by medically trained personnel such as physicians, nurses and midwives.
  • Among the medically trained personnel, physicians attended to the most number of deliveries with 1,734 or 41.4 percent of the total births registered.
  • The number of birth occurrences delivered by the traditional birth attendants and those without medical training was 1,367 or 32.6 percent of the total.
  • By residence of mother, five municipalities in the province recorded higher number of live births attended to by traditional birth attendants compared to those attended to by health professionals. These were the municipalities of San Francisco (88.6%), San Narciso (80.1%), Panukulan (60.7%), Tagkawayan (56.5%), and Burdeos (47.7%).

Age-group of mother…

  • Seven (7) in ten (10) births were born to mothers aged 20-34 (2,928 or 69.9%).
  • The number of births born to teenage mothers was 539 or 12.9 percent.
  • A total of 21 births or 0.5 percent were born to mothers at the menopausal age (45 years old and over).

Place of Occurrence and Usual Residence of Mother…

  • Majority of the registered births were born to mothers whose usual residence is in Quezon province (4,135 or 98.7%).
  • Only a small percentage of the birth occurrences (55 or 1.3%) were born to mothers whose usual residence is outside Quezon province.
  • Seven (7) out of the 39 municipalities and 2 cities of Quezon province showed a positive difference in the number of births by place of occurrence and the usual place of residence of the mother. This implies that there were mothers who opted to give birth to places where there are available or better health care facilities and social services.
  • The highest positive difference of 469 was reported in Lucena City. This may be attributed to higher number of hospitals and health care facilities located in the city.
  • In contrast, the highest negative difference of 84 was observed in the municipality of Sariaya. This may be explained by its proximity to Lucena City.

Legitimacy Status…

  • More than half of the total births registered during the month (2,901 or 69.2%) were born illegitimate.
  • Teenage mothers recorded the highest percentage (95.7%) of babies born out of wedlock.
  • All of the municipalities and cities of Quezon registered high percentages of births with illegitimate status.
  • The highest number of registered live births with illegitimate status was born to mothers aged 20-24 years old (850 or 29.3%) followed by those born to mothers aged 25-29 (687 or 23.7%).
  • Generally, the percentage of babies born illegitimate is inversely proportional to the age group of mothers. The higher the percentage of babies born illegitimate, the younger the age group to which the mothers belong.




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