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PRESS RELEASE: PSA Quezon Conducts November 2022 Regular and Parallel Labor Force Survey

Release Date: November 28, 2022
Reference Number: PR 2022-020
The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Quezon is currently conducting the November 2022 Regular and Parallel Labor Force Survey. There are 163 households/housing units in Quezon to be covered for these surveys. These are located in 5 sample municipalities and 2 cities of the province. Two (2) regular statistical staff and five (5) Statistical Researchers (SRs) are involved in the conduct of the said survey.
The Regular and Parallel Labor Force Survey (LFS) is a nationwide survey of households conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to gather data on demographic and socio-economic characteristics. In addition, the Parallel LFS is adopting the 19th International Conference of Labor Statisticians (ICLS) resolution. The 19th ICLS is the latest resolution that contains a new framework for the labor market designed to produce estimates of indicators that are internationally comparable.
The regular LFS is designed to collect information on the distribution of household population 15 years old and over, by employment status, sex, and age group; distribution of employed persons by major occupation group, major industry group, class of worker, number of hours worked, highest grade completed, nature of employment, and by sex; distribution of underemployed persons by total hours worked, major occupation group, class of worker, and by sex and distribution of unemployed persons by age group, highest grade completed, by number of weeks looking for work, job search method and by sex.
While parallel LFS aims to estimate the employment status using the new concept of work, estimate labor underutilization (including potential labor force), hours of work, income from employment, employment in the informal economy, own-use production of goods, and own-use provision of services and compare the labor and employment statistics using the 13th ICLS and 19th ICLS frameworks.
The Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) data collection method will be employed for the November 2022 Regular and Parallel Labor Force Survey with the use of the android tablets.
The information collected shall be treated with utmost confidentiality as mandated under Section 26 of the Republic Act 10625. Those who will refuse to reply to the survey, however, shall be imposed with the penalty of imprisonment and a heavy fine as stipulated under Section 27 of the same law.
Provincial Statistics Officer Airene A. Pucyutan of PSA-Quezon enjoins everyone to support and cooperate in the said survey activities. (JASalcedo/PSA-Quezon)
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