Core Regional-Indicators System (CoRe-IS)

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Board approved for adoption the CoRe-Is through Resolution No. 10, series of 2017. The CoRe-Is is a set of 98 economic, social and multidomain indicators that aims to:
  • Monitor the social, economic, political, cultural and environmental developments at the regional level;
  • Aid the government in understanding the needs of ocal communities; and
  • Enable both the national and local governments make right policies, decisions and actions for development planning and policy formulation.
These indicators would be produced, compiled, and disseminated taking into account comparability of indicators across regions.


A. Demographic and Social Statistics
B. Economic Statistics 
C. Environment and Multi-domain Statistics 

Core-Is Mapping

Legal Basis

Republic Act No. 10625
  • Section 6h - develop and maintain appropriate frameworks and standards for the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of data
  • Section 6i - coordinate with government departments and local government units (LGUs) on the promotion and adoption of statistical standards involving techniques, methodologies, concepts, definitions, and classifications and on the avoidance of duplication in the collection of statistical information.

Roles and Responsibilities of Stakeholders

The PSA Regional Statistical Services Offices (RSSOs)
1. Coordinate the conduct of meetings of the RSCs focusing on the generation and accessibility of CoRe-Is
2. Compile and disseminate the CoRe-Is at least on an annual basis on its regional summits and other forms and channels and to be included in the Regional Social and Economic Trends (RSET) annual publication of the PSA RSSOs
3. Provide technical assistance in the generation and development of the CoRe-Is as may be needed by the implementing agencies and local governments in the regions and provinces.
The Regional Statistics Committees (RSCs)
1.Oversee the implementation and adoption in the regions
2. Provide guidance in the continuous improvement and updating of the CoRe-Is
3. Identify additional indicators to the CoRe-Is as needed to monitor the attainment of the region’s development goals and targets
4. Elevate to the PSA Board, any issue/matter regarding the compilation of the CoRe-Is which cannot be resolved at the subnational level
The Philippine Statistical System (PSS) and other government instrumentalities
1. Provide the necessary data support to compile and disseminate the CoRe-Is
2. Improve on the CoRe-Is list as may be needed in the monitoring of the progress of regional development goals and targets, which can be determined by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), other government agencies, and Local Government Units (LGUs).