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Tuesday, May 16, 2023
Daily Average of Registered Marriages by Month: Quezon, March 2022 - March 2023

Number of Marriages…
There were 777 marriages registered in Quezon in March 2023. It recorded an increase of 25.3 percent from the previous month’s total of 620. 
The daily average of registered marriages during the month was 25, higher than the recorded daily average of 22 in March 2023.
Marriages by Place of Occurrence…
Sariaya (86 or 11.1 %) had the highest number of registered marriages, followed by Lucena City (81 or 10.4 %) and San Andres (77 or 9.9 %).
Buenavista (70 or 9.0 %) and City of Tayabas (43 or 5.5 %) recorded the next highest registered marriages.
Around 39.0 percent of the 41 municipalities/cities in the province registered less than ten (10) marriage occurrences during the month.
There was no registered marriage event in the island municipalities of Jomalig, Patnanungan and Perez.
Marriages by Type of Ceremony…
The most number of registered marriages was solemnized under church rites, with 372 or 47.9 percent.
Marriages performed under civil rites totaled 356 accounting for 45.8 percent of the total registered marriages.
There were seven (7) marriage events celebrated under Muslim rites, equivalent to 0.9 percent.
Marriages celebrated under other types of ceremonies comprised 5.4 percent.
Marriages by Age Group of Groom and Bride…
The highest recorded number of brides and grooms belonged to age group 25-29 years, with 305 (39.3 %) and 283 (36.4 %), respectively.
There were thirty-three (33) teen brides and eleven (11) teen grooms in March. 
Marriages by Previous Marital Status of Groom and Bride…
Almost all of the couples were first timers or single brides (767) and grooms (766) prior to the marriage.
Only a small percentage of brides and grooms were widow/ widower, divorced  and annulled prior to the marriage.
Marriages by Nationality of Groom and Bride…
About 98.6 percent of the grooms and all of the brides were Filipinos in the registered marriages in March. 
 Intermarriages between Filipino brides and grooms of foreign descent were with American, Australian, British, Canadian, Israeli, Latvian and Taiwanese.
Chief Statistical Specialist
PSA Quezon