Cavite Marriage Statistics: January 2023

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Tuesday, May 16, 2023
This special release presents statistical data on marriages occurring for the month of January 2023 in the Province of Cavite. This publication shows the disaggregated data of registered marriages by registration status down to city/municipal level. It also presents the total registered marriages by place type, type of ceremony and age group. The civil registry documents transmitted by the Local Civil Registry Offices (LCROs) to Cavite Provincial Office for machine processing served as the source of data in preparation of this publication.
Marriages in Cavite
A total of 1,487 marriages were registered in the Province of Cavite for the month of January 2023. Table 1 shows that the municipality of Silang recorded the highest registered marriages of 224, followed by Tagaytay City and City of Imus with 191 and 161 weddings, respectively. The least registered marriages were recorded in the municipality of Magallanes with 9, followed by General Emilio Aguinaldo and Ternate with 11 and 12 weddings, respectively.
Moreover, timely registered marriages accounted for 1,442 or 97.0% while late registered marriages accounted for 45 or 3.0%. The highest number of late registered marriages was from the municipality of Naic which had eleven (11) late registered marriages. Out of 23 cities/municipalities in the province, eight (8) municipalities and one (1) city had no late registrations.
Figure 1 shows that among the place types for marriage, Office (Mayor, Judge, etc.) and Others both had the highest number of weddings with 524 or 35.2%, followed by Church with 439 or 29.5%.
On the other hand, Figure 2 shows that among the type of ceremonies, Civil Wedding rites had the highest registered marriages with 524, followed by Other Religious Rites and Roman Catholic Church with 517 and 441, respectively. Muslim Wedding had the least with only five (5) reported marriages.
Moreover, Figure 3 shows that majority of the brides and grooms were from the age group of 25-29 with 534 grooms and 632 brides. It was followed by the age group of 30-34 with 505 grooms and 444 brides. The age group of under twenty (20) had the least with only four (4) grooms and eleven (11) brides.
The Province of Cavite recorded a total of 1,487 marriages for the month of January 2023. Silang had the highest registered marriages of 224 while Magallanes had the least with 9 marriages. Majority were timely registered. Late registered marriages were only 45. No late registered marriages were reported in 1 city and 8 municipalities in the province.
Aside from Others, Office of the Mayor, Judge and the like was the most common wedding venue. Civil wedding dominated as the most preferred type of ceremony. Most grooms and brides were from the age group of 25-29 and the least were from the age group of under 20.