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SPECIAL RELEASE Birth Statistics in Quezon: 2019 (Preliminary Results)

Release Date: March 31, 2020
Reference Number: 2020-003

Live births…

The total number of live births in Quezon reported for the year 2019 was 47,438. This figure was lower by 1,874 or 3.8 percent from the previous year’s total of 49,312. The daily average of birth occurrences during the year was 130. There were more males (24,302 or 51.2 percent) than females (23,136 or 48.8 percent) registered during the year. This resulted to a birth sex ratio of 105 males for every 100 females. Lucena City recorded the highest number of live births with a total of 13,369 or 28.2 percent of the total births registered in the province. Candelaria (3,171 or 6.7 percent) topped the rest of the municipalities/city in terms of the number of live births. The least number of registered births was observed in the municipalities of Agdangan (37 or 0.08 percent) and Plaridel (28 or 0.06 percent).

Month of Occurrence...

May was the month with the highest number of births with 4,823 while December had the lowest registration of 3,204. In terms of daily average, the month of May recorded the highest figure with 156 births while December had the lowest average of 103 per day. Daily index of more than 100 indicates a daily average higher than the overall figure at the provincial level. Most of the months during the year had daily indices higher than 100.



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