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Marriage Statistics: November 2018 Quezon (Preliminary Results)

Release Date: January 3, 2019

Vital registration is a continuous process. Hence there is a need to specify certain cut-off period for purposes of reporting. The Marriage Statistics in Quezon presented in this report contains highlights and summary of statistical tables of marriages that occurred on or before November 2018 and registered within the said month. Events that occurred in November 2018 but were not registered during the month were not included in this publication. For this report, Decentralized Vital Statistics System (DVSS) 2011 was used in data encoding. In the generation of DVSS tables however, CSPro 7.1 was utilized.

Number of Marriages…

A total of 579 marriages were registered in Quezon in November 2018. It recorded a decrease of 17.8 percent from the previous month’s total of 704. The daily average of registered marriages during the month was 19, lower than the recorded daily average of 23 in October.

Marrriages by Place of Occurence...

Catanauan (113 or 19.5 percent) had the highest number of registered marriages. It was followed by Lucena City (67 or 11.6 percent). Candelaria (32 or 5.5 percent) and Sariaya (31 or 5.4 percent) recorded the next highest registered marriages. More than half of the 41 municipalities/cities in the province registered less than 10 marriage occurrences. There was no marriage event recorded in the municipalities of Patnanungan and Unisan.


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