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SPECIAL RELEASE Marriage Statistics in Quezon: June 2020 (Preliminary Results)

Release Date: August 27, 2020
Reference Number: DVSS 2020-021

Number of Marriages…

A total of 205 marriages were registered in Quezon in June 2020. It recorded an increase of 485.7 percent from the previous month’s total of 35.  The daily average of registered marriages during the month was 7, higher than the recorded daily average of 1 in May.

Marriages by Place of Occurrence…

Lucena City (29 or 14.1 percent) had the highest number of registered marriages. It was followed by City of Tayabas (24 or 11.7 percent). Candelaria (16 or 7.8 percent), Sariaya (15 or 7.3 percent) and Lucban (12 or 5.9 percent) recorded the next highest registered marriages.  Around 61.0 percent of the 41 municipalities/cities in the province registered less than 10 marriage occurrences during the month. There was no marriage event recorded in the municipalities of Agdangan, Alabat, Jomalig, Patnanungan, Perez, Pitogo, Sampaloc, San Andres, San Antonio and Tagkawayan.
Marriages by Type of Ceremony…
The most number of registered marriages were solemnized under civil ceremonies, with 140 or 68.3 percent. Marriages performed under church rites totaled 54 accounting for 26.3 percent of the total registered marriages. There was one (1) marriage event celebrated under Muslim rites equivalent to 0.5 percent. Marriages celebrated under other types of ceremonies comprised 4.9 percent.
Marriages by Age Group of Groom and Bride…
The highest recorded number of brides and grooms belonged to age group 25-29 years, with 106 or 51.7 percent and 96 or 46.8 percent of the total, respectively.There were three teenage brides and no teen groom in June 2020. Teen brides comprised 3 or 1.5 percent of the total marriages.


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