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SPECIAL RELEASE Birth Statistics in Quezon: June 2020 (Preliminary Results)

Release Date: August 27, 2020
Reference Number: DVSS 2020-017
Live births…
A total of 2,941 live births were registered in the province in June 2020 . Itrecorded an increase of 67.5 percent from the May figure of 1,756. The daily average of birth occurrences during the month was 98 Of the total births registered, 51.5 percent were males and 48.5 percent were females. This resulted to a birth sex ratio of 106 males for every 100 females. Lucena City recorded the highest number of live births with a total of 645 or 21.9 percent of the total births registered in the province. It was followed by City of Tayabas with a total of 242 or 8.2 percent and Candelaria with a total of 233 or 7.9 percent. Ther e were no registered live birth in the municipalities of Perez and Plaridel.
Attendant at Birth...
The 2,602 ( 88.5 percent) birth deliveries were attended to by medically trained personnel such as physicians, nurses and midwives. Among the medically trained personnel, midwives attended to the most number of deliveries with1,306 or 44.4 percent of the total births registered. The number of birth occurrences delivered by the traditional birth attendants and those without medical training was 339 or 11.5 percent of the total. Three municipalities in the pr ovince recorded higher number of live births attended to by traditional birth attendants compared to those attended to by health professionals. The municipality of San Narciso (71.6 percent) topped the list of areas with high percentage of birth deliverie s attended to by non health professionals. It was followed by the municipalities of Panukulan (71.4 percent) and San Francisco (69.2)
Age-group of mother…
Seven in ten births were born to mothers aged 20-34 (2,167 or 73.7 percent). The number of births born to teenage mothers was 288 or 9.8 percent. A total of 8 births or 0.3 percent were born to mothers
at the menopausal age (45 years old and over).




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