Special Release

Special Release: Batangas Province's Summary Inflation for July 2022

The Batangas annual headline inflation continued its uptrend as it moved up further to 7.8 percent in July 2022, from 6.8 percent in June 2022. This is the highest recorded inflation since October 2019. With this month’s inflation, Batangas average inflation from January to July 2022 stood at 5.5 percent. In July 2021, inflation rate was lower at 4.5 percent.

Special Release on Marriages in Laguna: May 2022

This report presents statistics on marriages that were registered in Laguna for the month of May, year 2022. The data presented herein were obtained from the documents submitted by the Local Civil Registrars to the PSA Provincial Office and then processed thru DVSS2K system. Caution must be employed in interpreting the data since the figures were not adjusted in consideration of under registration.


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