Special Release

Special Release: Batangas Province's Summary Inflation Report for August 2022

Province of Batangas annual headline inflation is 7.7 percent for August 2022 from 7.8 percent in July 2022. The average inflation during the eight (8) month period January to August 2022 stood at 5.8 percent. Comparing with August 2022 same period last year inflation rate is 5.8 there is a 1.9 percentage point change accommodation services at 6.0 percent retained the previous month’s inflation rates. The financial services index retained its previous month’s annual rate at zero percent.

DVSS Special Release - July 2022, Batangas Province (Preliminary Results)

The data presented herein are based on the documents submitted by the local civil registrars of the province and consists of timely and delayed registrations received during the month.

The sum of registered births in Batangas for July 2022 was 3,691. It is increased by 6.12 percent compared to last year of the same month’s data of 3,478. This figure includes timely and delayed births registered during the month.

The number of nuptials for July 2022, 1064, were higher by 3.00 percent in comparison with last year's record of 1033.


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