August 2021 Price Situation in Rizal

The approved building permits provide monthly data on building construction at the municipal level nationwide. These construction statistics include the number, floor area, type of building and value of construction. Statistics generated from approved building permits are the bases of estimating level of construction of national income accounts and an indicator on the level of investment in the country. As such, the data is valuable in analyzing present economic conditions and past developments, forecasting future trends and making policy decisions.

CALABARZON’s Inflation Rate slowed down to 5.8 percent in September 2021

Inflation in the region for September 2021 was measured at 5.8 percent, which is lower compared to its previous month record at 6.0 percent. In contrast, this is 3.2 percent index points higher than the recorded inflation rate in the same month of 2020 at 2.6 percent. Despite the deceleration, inflation rate in September 2021 is still way above the inflation rate of the whole year 2020 at 2.8.

June 2021 Price Situation in Rizal

June 2021 Price Situation in Rizal 
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the changes in the price level of goods and services that most people buy for their day-to-day consumption. It is most widely used in the calculation of the inflation rate and purchasing power of the peso. The CPI series, among others, is being used for economic analysis, collective bargaining agreements, wage adjustments, and monitoring the effects of government economic policy.


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