Birth Statistics

DVSS Special Release - April 2019, Rizal Province (Preliminary Results)

This report summarizes the data gathered from April 2019 documents submitted from the local civil registry offices of the thirteen municipalities and a city in the province of Rizal. The number of vital events in Rizal for reached a total of 6,807 registered documents.

This represents 1.05 % decrease from the 6,879 registered vital events from the previous month. The province generated the following statistics: 4,616 for birth, 946 for marriage and 1,245 for death.

Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Decade (2015-2024) - April-June 2019

A total of 13,741 birth events were registered by the local civil registrars of Batangas for the first quarter of the year. There were 5,332 births registered in the month of January, 4,021 in February and 4,388 in March.
The number of registered marriages for the quarter of 2019 (Jan– March) is 4,798 which is 0.69 percent higher than last year’s first quarter which is 4,765.
A total of 4,788 registered deaths were reported for the first quarter.


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