The CALABARZON Regional Statistical Development Program (RSDP) is the regional version of the Philippine Statistical Development Program. It is a blueprint in setting medium term strategic directions, thrusts, and priorities of the Regional Statistical System of CALABARZON and ensures continuous provision of important data that are relevant, timely, and reliable thru the cohesive efforts of the government, civil society, private sector, and citizens within and outside the region. It is aligned and harmonized with the national statistical development program to ensure consistency and for its effective implementation in the region.
CALABARZON RSDP 2018-2023 is the first version of PSDP formulated to level up the capability of the Regional Statistical Systems (RSS) in providing information support to regional as well as national planning for the benefit of good governance and development. Thus, its main feature is the situation analysis of the RSS of the region covering all the socio-economic sectors highlighting the issues and challenges and some key developments in the Philippine Statistical Systems which are applicable to the regional setting. And lastly, statistical development programs were listed to address all the issues and concerns identified leading to the better transformation of the statistical system of the region.
CALABARZON RSDP brings in all the relevant stakeholders in the region to work together as one cohesive unit to be able to deliver the needs to be done given the present limitations in resources of the RSS. This is the proud output of all data producing agencies, data-users, and the academes that with untenable spirit, commitment and determination, RSDP team CALABARZON will attain its one vision and one mission.

RSDP Chapters by Year

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