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PSA All Set for the Conduct of the 2018 Family Income and Expenditure Survey in July

Release Date: June 18, 2018
Reference Number: 2018-07
It’s all systems go for the Philippine Statistics Authority – Quezon in relation to the conduct of the 2018 Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES 2018) this July.
The FIES is a nationwide survey of households undertaken every three years. lt is the main source of data on family income and expenditure, which include among others, levels of consumption by item of expenditure as well as sources of income in cash and in kind. The results of FIES provide information on the levels of living and disparities in income of Filipino families, as well as their spending patterns; provide benchmark information to update the weights used in the estimation of Consumer Price Index (CPl); and provide inputs in the estimation of the country's poverty threshold and incidence.
The FIES also includes related information such as number of family members employed for pay or profit (or as wage, salary, or own-account workers); occupation, age, and educational attainment of household head; and other housing characteristics.
This survey will involve around 180,000 households nationwide, deemed sufficient to provide provincial level estimates and will engage about six thousand eight hundred (6,800) Statistical Researchers and Field Personnel.
The FIES 2018 enumeration will be conducted twice. The first visit will be done in July 2018 with the first semester, January to June 2018 as the reference period. The second visit will be conducted in January 2019 with the second semester, July to December 2018 as the reference period. The same set of questions is asked for both visits.
In line with this, Provincial Statistics Officer Airene A. Pucyutan of PSA Quezon encourages everyone, especially the selected sample households, to support and cooperate in the conduct of the FIES 2018. She said that the participation of chosen household respondents is very important in the success of the said survey. (RVLitan/PSA-Quezon)



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