Vital Statistics: November 2019 Batangas (Preliminary Results)

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1 0 V S 2 0 1 9 - 1 1

Release Date: 

Friday, November 29, 2019

November 2019


The total number of registered births in Batangas for October 2019 had  reached  to 4.952 . It decline by 6.88 percent compared to last of the month’s record of 5,318. This number includes timely and delayed births registered year during the month.


The complete number of wedding events for October 2019 was 1,220. There was a decrease of 53 marriages from last year’s events of 1,167.


There were 1,829 death cases registered in the province for October 2019. Death figures gets higher by 17.84 percent compared to the same month last year with 1,552 deaths.



Total Population of Registered Live Births

The overall registered born alive in Batangas was 4,952 with a daily average of 165 live births.

The highest number of registered live births was recorded in Batangas City with 906. This was 18.30 percent of total number of registered births in the province. It is followed by Lipa City with 837 live births while Tanauan rank third with the registered live births of 508. These top three cities comprised 45.46 percent of the total registered live births in Batangas.

In contrast, the municipality of Balete and Santa Teresita got the lowest registered with five recorded live births for the month.In terms of the daily average per day for October 2019, it is decreased by 6.9 percent compared to October last year.


Live Birth by Sex…

More than half of the total registered live births were males with 2,501, while the remaining 2,451 percent were females. This came to a birth sex ratio of 1 male for every 1 female.

Highest proportion for male and female births was reported in Tingloy, wherein for five births, three males and two female were born. Lowest sex ratio however, was noticed the municipality of San Luis.

About 38.23 percent of the cities/municipalities in the province reported a sex ratio of 100 and more than 100 while the remaining 44.11 percent had a sex ratio of less than 100.

It was noted that no births was recorded in the municipalities of Balete and Sta. Teresita.


Live Birth Attendants…

Most of the mothers gave birth through medical attendants. About 89.8 percent delivered their babies with assistance from medical staff (physician, nurse, and midwife).

On the other hand, 10.2 percent were delivered by non-medical attendants (hilot, other birth attendants).



Registered Marriages

The total number of marriage occurrences for September 2019 was 1,220.

 Lipa City registered with the most number of weddings with 287 events while Batangas City   ranked   second   with 95 nuptial events.

The least number of marriage events were recorded in the municipality of Tingloy with three registered marriages only.


Marriages by Type of Ceremony…

More than half of the weddings were solemnized under the Roman Catholic rites with a total of 692 or 59.3 percent of the total recorded marriages in the province.

While, about 402 or 34.45 percent couples chooses to took their vows on civil rites. The remaining 6.25 percent or 73 listed marriages were solemnized under other religious rites ceremony.



Registered Deaths by Sex…

The registered death occurrences for the month of October 2019 totaled to 1,552 of which 55.61 per- cent or 863 were males and the remaining 44.39 percent or 689 were females. This means that more males were registered to have succumbed to death than females, resulting to death sex ratio of 125.

In terms of the highest number of death cases, the leading city is Batangas City with a total of 419 deaths followed by Lipa City with 214


Attendants and Civil Status at Deaths…

From the total registered deaths in Batangas, 1,117 death events or 61.07 percent were attended by health professionals (private physician, public health officer and hospital authority) while 38.93 percent or 712 were not attended by any health professional.

About 46.47 percent of recorded deaths were married, 25.81 percent were single, 27.72 percent were widow/widower while one person civil status deaths were not determined.