Vital Statistics: June 2018 Batangas (Preliminary Results)

Reference Number: 

VS - 2018 - 07

Release Date: 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

June 2018

For June 2018, the total number of births in the province was 4,035.00. A slight decreased of 0.15 percent higher compared from last year of the same month’s record of 4,029.00 births.

The number of registered marriages during the month was 1,442 events. This was more than one marriage increased from last year’s of the same month’s report of 1,441 registered marriages.

The total registered death cases for June 2018 were 1,262 deaths. This figures decelerated by 4.39 percent than same month last year with 1,320 deaths reported.


Total Population of Registered Live Births

The total number of registered live births in province was 4,035 with a daily average of about 135 live births. Three cities got the highest birth registered namely Batangas, Lipa and Tanauan with 645, 619 and 414, respectively. This top three cities comprised 41.59 percent of the total registered live births in the province. Batangas City with the highest daily average of 22 decline by 8.33 percent against last year of 24 daily average. On the other hand, no birth event was reported in the municipality of San Nicolas. Most of the municipalities/cities in Batangas has a daily average of one birth.

Live Birth by Sex…
More than half of the registered live births were males with 2,090 or 51.80 percent while 2,945 or 48.20 percent were females. This resulted to a birth sex ratio of 107 males per 100 females.
Highest proportion for male and female births was reported in the municipality of Alitagtag. 54.54 percent of the cities/municipalities in the province reported a sex ratio of 100 and more than 100 while the remaining 41.18 percent of cities/municipalities recorded a ratio of less than 100 while no birth event was recorded in San Nicolas.

Live Birth Attendants…
Majority of mothers delivered their live born baby through medical attendants. A total of 3,386 or 83.92 percent delivered their babies with assistance from medical staff (physician, nurse, and midwife).
On the other hand, 649 births events or 16.08 percent were delivered by non-medical attendants (hilot, other birth attendants) Out of this figure, most of the mothers delivered their babies through “hilot” or unlicensed midwife with a total of 612 registered births.



Registered Marriages…
The total number of marriage occurrences for June 2018 was 1,442 events. Lipa City registered with the highest number of marriages with 210 events. Next in rank was the City of Batangas with 184, followed by the municipality of Nasugbo with 75 events. The municipality of Cuenca posted with the least number of marriages with four events.

Marriages by Type of Ceremony...
Out of the 1,442 marriages in the province, 912 married couple were solemnized un-der the Roman Catholic Rites.
Marriages under civil ceremony followed with 478 cases and the remaining 102 couples opted to be married in Other Religious Rites
It was observed that no marriage were recorded in Muslim Rites.


Registered Deaths by Sex…
The registered death occurrences for June 2018 totaled at 1,262 of which 57.37 percent or 724 were males and the remaining 42.63 percent or 538 were females. This means that more males were registered to have succumbed to death than females, resulting to death sex ratio of 135.
Batangas City had the highest number of death cases, with a total of 294 deaths while the municipality of Belete recorded with the lowest deaths by five occurrences.

Attendants and Civil Status at Deaths…
From the total registered deaths in Batangas, 740 deaths events or 58.64 percent were attended by health professionals (private physician, public health officer and hospital authority) while 41.36 percent or 522 were attended by others/none attendants and not stated.
About 48.57 percent of registered deaths reported were married, 26.39 percent were single, 24.01 percent were widow/widower and 0.16 percent were divorced while 0.87 percent civil status were not determined in the records submitted.