Update/Bid Supplement

Release Date: 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Procurement and Delivery of Supplies and Materials for the 2020 Census of Population and Housing (CPH)
Present were:
Chairperson: Wilma A. Villafuerte
Vice-Chairperson: Benigno F. Perido
Members: Elvin D. Arasula
Marinela C. Magcamit
Secretariat: Joselyn G. Madrigallos
Anselma A. Fajutagana
Marife R. Molon Technical
Working Group: Silver M. Quiatchon
Juliedin B. Nohay
Jessica M. Atienza
Observers: Nimfa C. Torres (Fiesta World Mall)
Witness: Flordeliza C. Cordova (COA)
Bidder/s Present: Cristina Bautista (Bihis Cruz Inc.)
Maria Inocencia Chua (Pomelio Trading)
Mark Jason Bautista (JC Maple Trading)
Arthur Bendal (Holy Angel Trading)
• Listed below are the invited Observers to attend the Pre-Bid Conference:
State Auditor IV (Team Leader)
Commission On Audit Reg IVA
Lipa City, Batangas
Royal British College
Brgy. Marawoy
Lipa City, Batangas
Leasing Officer
Fiesta World Mall, Marawoy
Lipa City, Batangas
Members of the Regional Bids and Awards Committee (RBAC) arrived at the PSA RSSO IV-A before the call time. Also present was one of the invited Observers and Witness along with the bidders.
The pre-bid conference for Procurement and Delivery of Supplies and Materials for the 2020 Census of Population and Housing (CPH) was called to order at 9:00 a.m. of December 2, 2019 and was presided by Ms. Wilma A. Villafuerte, the RBAC Chairperson.
The Pre-Bid Conference intends to convene prospective bidders in order to discuss with them various aspects of the project being procured, as well as presentation of Pre-Qualification Requirements of Bidders.
Ms. Marife R. Molon, a member of the BAC Secretariat, led the group in an Opening Prayer followed by the introduction of participants present during the Pre Bid Conference.
Ms. Villafuerte then formally welcomed all present and initially informed them of the main objective of the Pre Bid Conference. She discussed the details of the Invitation To Bid as well as the various provisions encompassing the Philippine Bidding Documents (PBDs). She also conveyed that certain addendum will be posted/uploaded over the PhilGEPS website specifically on the following aspects:
Addendum No. 1 : Change on the Category of Procurement
Addendum No. 2: Changes on the Prices of PBD by lots
Addendum No. 3: Changes on the Funding Source
Addendum No. 4: Changes on the Technical Specifications
Clarification: On the concept of “similar on-going or completed contract”
The bidders were given the chance to raise their queries and clarifications.
Below are the issues/clarifications raised:
Issue Response
1. Clarification on the tumbler being part or being considered as Office Supplies RBAC confirmed that Tumbler can be listed or considered as Office Supplies (for the purpose of identifying similar on-going contract) 
2. Request on possible adjustment of Delivery Period  RBAC informed that the Delivery Period of 42 days cannot be adjusted since all supplies and materials are needed to be delivered to meet the Training Schedules for the 2020 CPH. 
3. Clarification on the “similar ongoing or completed contract” for the past 1 year if such can be adjusted to 5 years  RBAC confirmed that 1 year remains in effect as published and cannot be adjusted to 5 years 
4. Clarification on submission of “similar on-going or completed contract” for the past 1 year – if it will be on per Lot basis  RBAC confirmed that “similar on-going or completed contract” for the past 1 year individually or per lot must be submitted 
5. Clarification on the number of sets of Technical Eligibility to be submitted  RBAC informed all bidders that only One (1) set of Technical Eligibility can be submitted. However, they must submit sealed financial envelopes for each lot 
6. Clarification on the Testing of TShirt per bid if 100% cotton  RBAC shared that the PSA can invite technical person to check authenticity of the material of the shirt 
7. Clarification if Bidders can bring sample of the supplies and materials during the Bid Opening  BAC shared that such is usually required during the Post Qualification but bidders may bring if they opt to during the Bid Opening 
8. Clarification on the print of PSA Logo for the Tumbler and Clipboard (sticker or printed)  RBAC confirmed sticker will do but the PSA logo must be printed in colored design 
There having no other bidders present and topics for discussion, the pre-bid conference adjourned at 12:04 p.m.
Prepared by:
RBAC, Secretariat
Approved by:
RBAC Chairperson