Special Release: Funds of PSA CALABARZON as of 2nd Quarter of 2022

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Sources of Funds
PSA RSSO IV-A received a total appropriation of Php404.87 Million as of June 2022 including the 2021 continuing appropriations of Php20.71 Million. Sixty-Four percent (64%) of the appropriations came from Locally Funded Projects with Seventy-Four percent (74%) attributed still to the Philippine Identification System Project.
The sub-allotment advice released to Provincial Offices as of June 2022 amounted to Php260,881,644.81 or 64% of the total allotment, and the remaining Php143,993,076.58 or 36% was retained at the Regional office but some amount is still for allocation on 3rd to 4th quarter of the year to Provincial Offices. The same as last quarter, Cavite Province received the highest allotment of funds corresponding to 29% while Batangas Province remains to have the lowest allotment corresponding to 14%.   
Please refer to the Chart below for details of sub-allotment advice and releases to Provinces:
Breakdown of Obligations Incurred
Obligations incurred and paid for by the Regional Office and Provincial Offices as of June amounted to Php298,499,962.82 and is equivalent to 74% of the total authorized budget for the 2nd Quarter of 2022. Total obligations incurred equate to 74% utilization rate and is broken down as follows:



Personal Services (PS) 50,223,890.24
Maintenance & Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) 248,276,072.58
Capital Outlay (CO) for Locally Funded Project 0
Total Obligations Incurred 298,499,962.82
Utilization rate for different programs and projects are as follows:
Total obligations paid were Php298,499,962.82. Up to this quarter the biggest contributor to the disbursed funds is the Philippine Identification System Project which the allocation amounts to Php191,474,126.00 with almost 79% utilization rate. For this quarter, there is an allocation for capital outlay for locally funded project which is the Community Based Monitoring System with null utilization rate. As of 2nd Quarter, there is a total of 74% utilization rate for different programs and projects of PSA IV-A
Regional Director