SPECIAL RELEASE Death Statistics in Quezon: April 2021 (Preliminary Results)

Reference Number: 

DVSS 2021-021

Release Date: 

Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Figure 4. Registered Deaths by District: Quezon, April 2021
Number of Deaths…
There were 1,544 registered deaths in Quezon in April 2021. It recorded an increase of 13.2 percent from the previous month’s figure of 1,364. The daily average of death occurrences during the month was 51 or approximately two deaths per hour.
Deaths by Sex…
There were more male deaths (896 or 58.0 percent) than female deaths (648 or 42.0 percent) registered during the month. The death sex ratio was calculated at 138 males for every 100 females in April

Deaths by Age-group…

Majority of the death occurrences belonged to age group 60 and over with a total of 1,019. This comprised more than half or 66.0 percent of the total deaths recorded for the month.Age group 55-59 years old registered the next highest death toll which accounted for 130 or 8.4 percent.
Deaths by Place of Occurrence and Usual Place of Residence…
Lucena City recorded the most number of deaths at 386 or 25.0 percent. This may be explained by its large population and the health facilities available in the city. The municipality of Candelaria (94 or 6.1 percent) came next in terms of highest number of death occurrences. It was followed by Sariaya (84 or 5.4 percent) and City of Tayabas (76 or 4.9 percent). There were 227 deaths that occurred outside the usual place of residence of the deceased. Lucena City recorded the highest number of deaths (178) that occurred outside the usual residence of the deceased. It was followed by Gumaca (18) and
Candelaria (13). Majority of the rest of the municipalities and city of the province registered higher number of deaths by usual residence than the number of deaths by place of occurrence.