Marriages in Batangas 2019 (Final Result)

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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

MARRIAGES in Batangas 2019 (Final Result)

Registered marriages in the province showed a declining from 15,475 in 2018 to 15,222 in 2019, a decrease of 1.63 percent in the span of one year. 

City of Lipa recorded the highest number of registered marriages

In 2019, City of Lipa recorded the highest number of registered marriages with 2,165, which is 14.20 percent of the total marriages in the province. It was followed by Batangas City with 1,491 (9.8%) in second, Nasugbu with 972 (6.4%), third and City of Tanauan with 882 (5.8%) and Calaca with 797 (5.2) in fourth and fifth, respectively. The least number of marriages was recorded in Tingloy at 69 (0.50%).

Number of Marriages by Month, Batangas:2019

In 2019, most marriages occurred in December with 2, 608 (17.01%) of the total marriages, followed by the months of May (10.5%) and June (9.0%). The least number of marriages occurred in November at 2.6%. (See Figure 2)

On the average, there were 41.7 marriages solemnized in the province. December was the favorite wedding month in three cities and thirty one municipalities of the province.

Most men and women married at ages 25-29 years

The number of men aged 60 and over, who got married in 2019 regardless of their previous marital status was four times higher compared to that of women of the same age group.

Meanwhile the percentage of teenage brides ( 876 or 5.8%) was almost three to five times higher than that of teenage grooms (274 or 1.8%). The sex ratio of teen grooms to teen brides was 31.3. A daily average of 2 teenage brides and 0.3100 teenage grooms were solemnized in 2019. Most men and women in 2019 married at ages 25 –29 years. The reported median age for men and women is 27 years old.