Reference Number: 

2021 – 009

Release Date: 

Thursday, June 3, 2021
Figure 3. Volume of Commercial Fisheries  Production, Quezon, 2019 and 2020  (in metric tons)


The volume  of  production  from  aquaculture during  the  reference  period  was  posted  at 29,019.06 metric tons, down by 7.88 percent from  its  2019  output  of  31,500.68  metrics tons.  The  species  with  the  highest contribution  to  the  total  aquaculture production  were  Milkfish  in  Brackishwater Fishpond  (24,066.28  MT  or  82.93%), Mudcrab  in  Brackishwater  Fishpond (4,095.73 MT or 14.11%), Milkfish in Marine Cage  (344  MT  or  1.19%),  Tilapia  in Freshwater Fishpond (180.43 MT or 0.62%) and Tiger prawn in Brackishwater Fishpond (150.71 MT or 0.52%)

Commercial Fisheries 
Production  for  commercial  fisheries  was registered at 18,645.37 metric tons in 2020, a decrement  of  24.36  percent  compared  to 24,648.60 metric tons reported in 2019. The top five species that contributed most to the total  production  in  this  subsector  were Roundscad  or  Galunggong  (3,597.43  MT  or 19.29%), Frigate Tuna or Tulingan (3,177.46 MT  or  17.04%),  Indian  Mackerel  or 
Alumahan  (1,810.12  MT  or  9.71%),  Bali Sardinella  or  Tamban  (1,726.61  MT  or 9.26%),  and  Fimbriated  Sardines  or  Tunsoy (1,228.4 MT or 6.59%).
Municipal Fisheries
Municipal  fisheries  production  was  recorded at  16,875.67  metric  tons  during  the  period, which  was  21.63  percent  lower  than  the previous  year’s  output  of  21,534.02  metric tons.  Of  this  total,  99.96  percent  were accounted  for  by  marine  municipal  fisheries while the rest were caught from inland bodies of water.