DVSS Special Release - April - June 2021, Batangas Province (Preliminary Results)

Reference Number: 

2021– 2987

Release Date: 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

The data presented herein are based on the documents submitted by the local civil registrars of the province and consists of timely and delayed registrations received during the months of April - June, 2021.

There was a recorded increased in registered births by 11.78 percent from 8,774 in 2020 to 9,774 in 2021 (Figure 1). The number of registered births contracted between 2020 and 2021 of April to June increased in most cities/municipalities except for San Pascual which reported the highest decreased (54.55%), followed by San Juan and Balayan with (14.58) and (14.55), respectively.

The registered marriages in the province increased from 3,777 in 2021 second quarter to 482 in 2020 of the same quarter, with almost seven times higher in percentage in a span of one year. Month of June was recorded the most marriages reported with 1,356. On the other hand, municipality of Tingloy recorded with the lowest marriages for the second quarter with 8 marriages.

Registered deaths in Batangas showed an increasing trend from 4,239 in 2020 second quarter to 6,573 in 2021 of the same quarter, an increase of 55.06 in a span of one year. Males outnumbered females with the sex ratio of 128 males per 100 females of the second quarter.