Consumer Price Index in Batangas (2012=100) - May 2021 (Preliminary Result)

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Monday, June 14, 2021

Price Situation in Batangas (2012=100)

May 2021

The data presented herein were based on the results of the 2012-Based Consumer Price Index Survey for all income in Batangas for the month of May 2021.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) is an indicator of the change in the average retail prices of goods and services commonly purchased by the household for their day-to-day consumption.


•The Consumer Price Index (CPI) of Batangas for the month of May 2021 was showed at 128.7 index points.

•The price rise rapidly by 6.4 index point form the last year’s figure of 122.3.

•Alcohol Beverages and Tobacco exhibited the highest index change point of 57.2 among the commodity groups. Still, Restaurant and Miscellaneous Goods and Services, Food and Non Beverages, Transport, Health, Furnishing, Household Equipment and Routine Maintenance the House, Housing, water, electricity, Gas and Other Fuels, clothing and Footwear exhibited positive index point change.

•Meanwhile, Recreation and Culture showed negative index point change.


Inflation Rate is the percentage increase or decrease in prices during a specific period usually a month or a year.

•The inflation rate in the province was registered at 5.2 percent during the reference month.

•It extremely increase by 0.7 percentage points from the previous month’s figure and the rate at 4.5 percent.

Market basket refers to a sample of goods and services used to represent all goods and services bought by a particular group of consumers in particular area. Base period, usually a year, is the reference period of the index number. It is the period at which the index is set to 100.

•In all commodity, Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco gained the highest commodity having a 357.5 Consumer Price Index.

•Followed by Restaurant and Miscellaneous Goods and Services with 143.6 Consumer Price Index.

•Still, Communication commodity remained lowest CPI with 103.3.

Food and Non Alcoholic Beverages

■Prices of consumer items in the province recorded at 0.6 increased fromApril to May 2021.

■Compared to last month, May 2021 Food and Non Alcoholic Beverages sub sector recorded –1.4 index point change. Positive index point change recorded to the following commodities, Food Products N.E.C. with 1.8, Fruits and Tobacco Beverages with 0.7 and Oil and Fats (0.6).

■Bread and Cereals, Rice, Corn, Other Cereals, Flour, Cereal Preparation, Bread, Pasta and Other Bakery Products, Meat, Milk, Cheese and Eggs had zero growth during the month.

■In contrast the commodity of Vegetables (-2.5) and Tobacco (-0.9) showed negative index point change.

■Meanwhile, Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages item Fish showed –9.6 percent considered as the highest negative index point change compared to April 2021.

Non Food

■Over all Non-food exhibited an increase of 1.6 percent of index point change.

■Item for Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels particular with Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels gained the highest index point change of 4.6 percent. Followed by Restaurant and Miscellaneous Goods & Services specifically the Catering services with 4.4 index point change.

■Meanwhile, index point change of Goods and Services for Routine Household drop by 0.1 percent.

■The rest of commodity group remains stable during the month.

Purchasing Power of Peso (PPP) is a measure of the real value the peso in a given period relative to a chosen reference period. It is computed by getting the reciprocal of the CPI and multiplying the result by 100.

In May 2021, the Purchasing Power of Peso in the province exhibited a 0.78.This means that the value of P 1.00 in 2021 is worth P0.78 in May this year. The figure was same as the last month figure.