Building Permit Computer System in Rizal - Special Release July 2021

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Sunday, August 29, 2021
Building Permit Computer System - Special Release July 2021
The approved building permits provide monthly data on building construction at the municipal level nationwide. These construction statistics include the number, floor area, type of building and value of construction. Statistics generated from approved building permits are the bases of estimating level of construction of national income accounts and an indicator on the level of investment in the country. As such, the data is valuable in analyzing present economic conditions and past developments, forecasting future trends and making policy decisions.
The generation of construction statistics from approved building permits covers all municipalities and cities issuing building permits for the construction of residential and non-residential structures, additions and alterations and repairs, demolition, landscaping and putting up of signboards.
The month of July 2021, posted a total of 539 building permit applications increased by 6.94 percent compared to previous month of 504 documents. The 539 buildings constructed had a total floor area of 123,675 sq. m., and value amounting to Php 1,285M. City of Antipolo registered the highest number of buildings constructed with 126 applications, and total floor area of 32.553 sq.m. amounting to Php 376M. Followed by San Mateo (82); Taytay (75): Cainta (65); and Binangonan (59).
Building permit applications for this period is broken down into residential (439), non-residential (52), additions (24) and (24) alterations/repairs.
The total approved building permit for Non-residential buildings is the same number of applications as of previous month. There were one city and twelve municipalities with non-residential building permits approved for this month. (See Table 2) Morong posted the highest value of non-residential buildings amounting to Php 48.M for this month.