Building Construction in Batangas Province - May 2021 (Preliminary Result)

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Friday, June 18, 2021

Building Construction in Batangas Province

· Building permit applications for the month of May 2021 summed up to 490. In comparison to the previous month where 394 applications were processed, the number of building permits increased by 96.

· Of the 490 total building permits, 403 residential, and 57 non-residential. These constructions occupied a total floor area of 86,690 sq. m. with a total value of Php 828.622M .

· A value of Php 652.682M came from the residential constructions, while Php 160.489M came from the non-residential buildings.

· For this month, Batangas City submitted 100 building permits, the highest among all city/municipalities in the province.  This was followed by Ibaan with 31, and San Pascual, 30.

· The least number permits reported however, were from the municipalities of Lipa with 2 only while Laurel 3.

· The summary of data gathered from the province proves that Batangas City contributed the highest in terms of building constructions having a total value of Php 178.952M . This was followed by San Jose City with a total value of Php 99.015M .


 Scope and Coverage

Construction statistics from approved building permits relate to administrative-based data on new constructions and additions, alterations and repairs of existing residential and non-residential buildings and other structures proposed to be constructed in all cities and municipalities of the province in a specific period.

Sources of Information

Construction statistics are compiled by the Philippine Statistics Authority from the copiesof original application forms of approved building permits as well as from the demolition and fencing permits collected every month by PSA field personnel from the Offices of Local Building Officials (LBOs) nationwide.

Statistics Generated

Construction statistics generated from approved building permits provide monthly administrative-based data on building construction at the municipality level nationwide.           

Statistics generated are the following:

· Number

· Floor area

· Type of construction

· Value of construction