Building Construction in Batangas Province - December 2021, (Preliminary Results)

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Statistics on Building Construction

A construction permit or building permit is a permit required in most jurisdictions for new construction, or adding onto pre-existing structures, and in some cases for major renovations. Generally, the new construction must be inspected during construction and after completion to ensure compliance with national, regional, and local building codes. Failure to obtain a permit can result in significant fines and penalties, and even demolition of unauthorized construction if it cannot be made to meet code.

Building Construction in Batangas Province

  • Building permit applications for the month of December 2021 summed up to 585.  In comparison to the previous month where 650 applications were processed, the number of building permits decreased by 65.
  • Of the 585 total building permits, 397 residential, and 66 non-residential and 122 Alteration & Repair. These constructions occupied a total floor area of 116,914 sq. m. with a total value of Php 1.896.027M.
  • A value of Php 793.685M came from the residential constructions, while Php 244.590M came from the non-residential buildings.
  • For this month, Lipa City submitted 141 building permits, the highest among all city/municipalities in the province. This was followed by Batangas City with 58, City of Sto. Tomas with 44, and San Jose with 40.
  • The least number of permits reported however, were from the municipalities Balete & San Luis with 2 respectively, fand Sta. Teresita with only 1 reported permit.
  • The summary of data gathered from the province proves that Lipa City contributed the highest in terms of building constructions having a total value of Php 793.461M. This was followed by Batangas City with a total value of Php 284.922M and then Padre Garcia with a total value of Php 112.924M.