Birth in Batangas 2019 (Final Result)

Reference Number: 

21R0410– 985

Release Date: 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Birth in Batangas 2019 (Final Result)

Registered number of live birth in Batangas increased by 3.8 percent in 2019

  • The number of live births in Batangas increased of 3.8 percent from 44,040 in 2018 to 45,700 in 2019.
  • On the average, there were 121 babies born daily or about 5 babies born per hour or approximately 1 baby per minute.
  • More males were born than female.  
  • More males (22,963 or 52.1%) were born than females (21,077 or 47.9%) which resulted in a sex ratio at birth of 109 males per 100 females .

Top 5 municipalities with the most number of birth

Lemery reported with the most number of birth with 4765 or 10.4 percent of total. Follow by municipality of Balayan and Bauan with the total number of 3291 and 2633 or 7.2 and 5.8 percent ranked to second and third, respectively. Rosario ranked four with a total number of birth of 2601 or 5.7 percent and Nasugbu got the fifth ranked with a 2292 total number of birth or 5.0 percent . However, these five municipalities had a percentage share of around 34 percent of the total births in the province.  

More males were born than females.

In result of 2019 more males (22,680 or 52%) were born than females (21,271 or 4%) resulting in a sex ratio at birth of 106.6 males per 100 females.

Number of Live Births by Place of Occurrence and by Usual Residence of the Mother, Batangas 2019

The difference between the place of birth by occurrence and place of birth by usual residence of the mother by cities/municipalities is shown in the last column of Table 1. Three cities and five municipalities of the province reported positive differentials maybe indicative of expectant mothers giving birth outside their usual residence due to better health care facilities and social services in the receiving cities/municipalities.  In District 1, the receiving municipality were Balayan and Lemery which accounted for 1,947 and 3,368, respectively. Notably, expectant mothers from District I and other areas of District III preferred to give birth in Lemery.

Most number of birth deliveries was attended by health professionals

Of the total births in the province, 96 percent of birth deliveries were attended by health professionals which may either be a physician, a midwife or a nurse. The number of births by place of occurrence and by usual residence of mother showed a remarkable proportion on births attended by health professionals in Batangas. This is indicative of improving health services in terms of maternal and child health care. Among municipalities, only Sta. Teresita showed a very low proportion of medically attended births at 8 registered births

Most number of births in Month of September 

In 2019 most births occurred in September with 4, 317 (9.5%) of the total births in the province . It was followed by the months of October 4, 305 (9.4%) , November 4,164 (9.1%) and January 4,006 (8.8%). On the other hand, the month of February had the least number of births in 2019 with 3,089 (6.8%).