Agmaris Wholesale Prices in Rizal June 2021

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Friday, July 30, 2021
The Agriculture Marketing Information System is a platform to enhance food market transparency and policy response for food security. This provides monthly update on various commodities that are commonly grown in the province of Rizal. The objectives are to improve the information for analysis and short-term supply and demand forecasts for provincial, regional and national levels; to collect and analyse data for policy making; and to report on critical conditions of food markets.
The June 2021 issue presents the latest preliminary updates on the average wholesale prices of different agricultural commodities (cereals, root crops, beans and legumes, condiments, fruit vegetables, leafy vegetables, fruits, and fish) and its comparison from the previous month and previous year.
Most of the registered cereals prices increase compared to their prices in the last month. With highest increase of 1.69 percent on Well Milled Rice (WMR) from 38.55 to 39.20 pesos.
Relative to the prices in 2020, most of the wholesale prices increases wherein Rice Premium obtained the highest increase of 34.19 percent, from Php 31.30 to Php 42.00. In Figure 1 most ofthe cereal  prices increases compared to last year June 2020.
Radish and sweet potato are the only registered root crop commodities in Rizal for the past 12 months.
The wholesale price of radish increase by 95.54 percent, from Php 23.08 to Php 45.13 in June 2021.
Sweet potato decreases its price by 19.42 percent 32.19 to 25.94 pesos as compared to last month.
Relative to the same period in the previous year, radish increases its price while sweet potato decreases.
The price of radish increases while sweet potato decreases their price for this month of May 2021 compared to last year May 2020.
The wholesale price of ginger hawaiian increases compared to its prices last month. The price of ginger hawaiian at Php 104.47 increase by 10.33 percent from the last month’s level at Php 94.69.
Pechay native is the only recorded leafy vegetable in Rizal province for the last 12 months.
From June average wholesale price at Php 63.21, up by 44.74 percent at Php 43.67 last May.
As compared to the price at Php 50.71 to 63.21 of the same period last year, the wholesale price decrease by 24.65 percent.
The price of Eggplant marks the highest decrease at Php 36.56 to 26.63 from last month’s level.
Relative to the same period last year, the prices of Tomato (green and ripe), has a largest increase of 159.81 percent.
Most of the wholesale price of fruit vegetables increases compared to last year base price Tomato (Green and Ripe) marks the highest with Php 17.44 to 45.31 with 79.87 percent mark.
As compared to the wholesale prices of fruits last month, most of the fruit prices decrease this month. The average wholesale prices of fruits with a largest decrease compared to the prices last month was observed is in Calamansi with 25.68 percent change.
Papaya, Hawaiian marks the highest increase from 26.45 to 37.92 with 43.36 percent movement compares to June 2020 price.
Fish commodities last month, Bangus and Tilapia decreases their prices. From Php 135.50 to 132.08 with 2.52 percent for Bangus and Tilapia 45.67 To 42.83 pesos of 6.22 percent respectively.
As compared to their prices in the same period last year, the prices of Bangus increases by 78.29 percent and Tilapia by 29.12 percent, respectively.